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wrestling With Paperwork

A comprehensive guide that actively

assists and engages mourners.

Project Abstract


A Chevra Kadisha and our Jewish rituals provide comfort to mourners in their time of need. What they do not necessarily address are the day-to-day tangibles like food, shelter, money, etc. and the potential shortfalls those grieving might face.


A Chevra Kadisha can do more than just provide comfort by assessing mourners who might be at risk of losing their homes, income and other things they have grown to depend on for their quality of life.


This project developed a series of form letters, checklists, charts and contacts that help guide the Chevra Kadisha and mourners through the maze of paperwork and processes everyone must go through having lost a loved one, Jewish or not. The goal is to simplify and expedite the process of closure on the affairs of a loved one.

Student Profile


Kerry Swartz has been a photographer for over twenty years and holds two graduate degrees in photography and communications.


He is a member of the community Chevra Kadisha in Vancouver BC. He is also a Board Member of Kavod v’Nichum, plus a continuing student and staff member of the Gamliel Institute


He can be reached at:


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PowerPoint Video

• Package of Forms