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What kind of chevrah

If you were a Chevrah Kadisha

what kind would you be?

Project Abstract


If you are considering forming a Chevrah Kadisha, you have probably begun to learn about what they do and how they function. Yet there’s more to forming a Chevrah than knowing their purpose or even how to purify, dress, pray for and watch over a deceased person. This project offers you the next step in your learning, giving you practical tips for determining the kind of Chevrah that is right for your community.  There are basically three broad types of Chevrei Kadisha, as well as hybrid models incorporating elements of each of the types, functioning in North America today.  Each has advantages, and there is probably one best model for your community.  The choice of which type is best for your community depends upon the people you intend to serve, other burial services available in your area, and the resources to which your group has access or can eventually gain access.




Student Profile


Lori D. Shaller is an ordained Mashpiah Ruhanit – Spiritual Director, and received her Rabbinic Ordination in January, 2015 from the ALEPH:  Alliance for Jewish Renewal Rabbinic Ordination Program. She is also an educator and curriculum writer in the fields of World History and English Language Arts.


Lori lives on the Island of Martha’s Vineyard, where she leads Clergy Spiritual Direction Groups and Spiritual Eldering Groups. She is guest clergy at Jewish and Unitarian congregations and works as an Administrative Assistant for the Unitarian Universalist Society of Martha’s Vineyard.  She can be reached at lori_shaller@comcast.net.


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