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Course 5


Chevra Kadisha - International Perspectives


This course will center on an intensive travel experience conducted over two and half weeks, with on-line classes before and after. The trip itself will include study, practicum and teaching at various institutions and sites in New York, Prague (origin of the modern Chevra Kadisha) and a variety of locations in Israel — including working with Chevra Kadisha groups, mortuaries, cemeteries and other entities in each location.


Prior to the trip, students will have classes to review, elicit reactions, discuss and evaluate what was learned plus examine how students might incorporate aspects of the experience into their own community.


This course is offered in the Spring of 2018 and 2021.

Course 6 is intended as a capstone for those who have successfully completed the other Gamliel Institute courses, providing them an opportunity experience what is done in other places and to offer instruction and suggestions for best practices from their experience to those in other places. Therefore, in order to participate in Course 6 a student must have completed Courses 1 through 5.



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