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Course 3


Chevra Kadisha - Education, Organizing and Training


This is a practical hands-on course that helps students bring Jewish practices and values to fruition. Its central component is the support and mentoring of students in conceiving and carrying out useful projects of their own related to the Chevra Kadisha world, whether in their own community, congregation, business or on a larger scale. This, the course offers students a way to make a difference and have a meaningful and positive impact in the world.


The course includes material on principles of education and organizing; projects can range from academic research and writing to community organizing to artistic endeavors. Organizing efforts might include starting a new Chevra Kadisha, educating the community about the Chevra Kadisha's work, teaching about the running of the local Jewish mortuary or cemetery, helping Chevra Kadisha to expand its services, producing materials for education or to share the beauty and meaning of this work.


This course is a vehicle for those who wish to undertake a project with guidance and support from Gamliel staff and other students that will provide benefits and information to their own community and/or other communities.


This course is offered in the Spring of 2015, 2016 and 2019.



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