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I’ve got a feeling

Processing post-Taharah emotions

Project Abstract


The purpose of this project was:


• To explore the emotional and spiritual journey of the volunteers who perform the Taharah in a slightly more formal manner than purely anecdotal.


• To discuss personal reactions, and to find a means to allow individuals to listen and process the experience of being part of the Taharah team.


• To provide closure and a safe outlet for those involved in the Taharah, while maintaining the confidentiality of the Taharah.


• To help teams bond following this profoundly intense event they have shared, and to allow individuals to acknowledge what being part of the team means for them personally.

Student Profile


Robin Black is a physical therapist by trade. She is a member of CBI in Chico, California, has been a member and President of the sisterhood, served as an At large member of the Board of Directors. She joined the newly formed Chevrah Kadisha in Chico, CA in 2011, and became a Gamliel student to expand her training and knowledge. She has attended Kavod v’Nichum Chevrah Kadisha conferneces, and continued her studies with the Gamliel Institute. As part of the Gamliel course on Education, Organizing and Training, she undertook a research project on the topic of closing rituals for Chevrah Kadisha Taharah teams. She presented her findings at the 2013 Kavod v’Nichum Confernce, and has further refined them to the version that appears on this website.